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Surrounded by vineyards and horse ranches, Capay Valley Arabians  is located in the scenic Capay Valley in Yolo County California. 

Breeders Jane Rinka and Eric Roschen are dedicated to carrying on the legacy of Gainey Arabian Horses. 

For more than a half of century Gainey horses have produced multiple National and International champions in halter and performance.  The "Golden" formula of 3/4 Gainey 1/4 outcross is our breeding goal. 

Capay Valley Arabians is home of some of the most modern Gainey bloodstock in the country including 2004 stallions Gaishahzon and GaiEminent.


Gai Eminence x Paradas Radiance

 Gai Eminent

Gai Eminence x Poseja Parada

Paradas Radiance

Gai Radiant x Poseja Parada

Poseja Parada

Posejdon by Bask x Sher Parada


Gai Monarch x Gai Radiant Hope

               "Best colt we've ever had.  Looks like a world beater to everyone here." Daniel Gainey 1996

More than six decades of Gainey breeding culminated in the birth of one of the last stallions bred on the Gainey Ranch in Santa Ynez, Gai Eminence.  During his short breeding career, this stunning horse produced only a handful of foals worldwide  including the two stallions of Capay Valley Arabians.

Capay Valley Arabians is proud to continue in the tradition of 65+ years of Gainey breeding.  We are the source for modern day Gainey bloodstock.  For more information call 530-796-2373 or email us at

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